Women’s Development Programme


Leading for Significance: Designed to help develop women leaders

The newest addition to Mandate Molefi’s range of services – the Leading for Significance programme –  is designed specifically to help develop women leaders. It involves experiential learning, challenging the individual to become more effective by modifying  behaviour and attitudes in order to achieve certain goals and objectives.

The Leading for Significance programme provides participants with the opportunity for accelerated learning of appropriate behaviours required for successful interpersonal relationships and teamwork and will develop a management cadre capable of driving transformation.  Modules are chosen according to the overall objectives of the programme and assignments and assessments are conducted during the course of the programme to ensure application of knowledge to the work situation.

  • A series of modules, specifically designed to develop women leaders in your organisation
  • Modules include personal mastery, mentorship, leadership development, personal branding and networking, business writing skills, presentation skills, negotiation skills and assertiveness, diversity management, business acumen, etc.
  • Assessments and projects to ensure measureable learning takes place
  • Focus on Leading for Significance
Mandate Molefi’s “Leading for Significance” resource site serves both as a stimulant for leaning organisations and to post case studies and innovative ideas from around to world to enhance culture change and agility in the organisation.
Since our approach is driven by the mindset of “self-directed learning”, the access to the resource site is voluntary but highly encouraged.


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