How does an organisation know if Diversity & Inclusion program will show results in today’s sometimes contentious multicultural climate? Ninety-seven experts from organisations of all sizes, types, industries, sectors, and all locations have reached agreement on what makes success in Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks for Organisations Around the World (GDIB), and offer it at no cost.

In the 2016 edition, tenth anniversary released globally this year, the Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks provides updated standards, keeping pace with present-day, real world matters.

Driven by the two ultimate goals of diversity & inclusion – improving organisational performance while also creating a better world – GDIB is research-based and practical. Lynda White, president of The Diversity Collegium, states, “The GDIB describes what is necessary to do to make D&I work well, so that organisations and community and world goals can be achieved. Effective D&I work is achievable when it is strategic, tied to the mission and goals of the organisation, led with competence and care, and implemented in a sustainable manner.”

Nene Molefi, managing director of Mandate Molefi and also an Expert Panelist emphasizes the GDIB’s applicability to her varying clientele sectors in oil, mining, manufacturing, construction, financial services and academic institutions. ” The GDIB offers a unique opportunity to leverage diversity and promote inclusion at multiple levels and multiple arenas. the practical steps and incremental nature of the GDIB provides a clear sense of where you are and where  you want to be.”

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