Values Alignment Assessment


In order to do a Values Alignment Assessment, a comprehensive survey will first be conducted to establish the values gap in the organisation. Mandate Molefi uses Barrett’s Cultural Transformation Tool, an internationally recognised assessment tool developed specifically for this purpose.  The tool focuses on the Seven Levels of Consciousness and Four Levels of Human Needs.  The focus is on developing an organisation that has aligned values and built of values-based leadership.


The Cultural Transformation Tool (Values Assessment) will allow your organisation to discuss:

  • The gap between existing and desired culture and core values
  • Issues impacting on productivity (cultural entropy)
  • Alignment strategy to transform the organisation in line with desired culture and values

We have conducted this survey for a number of organisations in South Africa since being licensed.  Case studies available at

  • This tool is designed for Organisational Transformation – a way to measure the progress and alignment of values over time.  Therefore, re-administration of the tool will provide a meaningful measure of the progress and success of the change intervention.
  • The tool can be re-administered annually.


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