Transformation and Employment Equity

Employment Equity

Mandate Molefi’s approach to Employment Equity is based on the philosophy that whilst there are moral, social and legal imperatives to transform the workplace and demonstrate corporate citizenship, there are also economic imperatives to transform. For this reason, Mandate Molefi has designed an innovative, integrated approach to Employment Equity.


At the end of this process, the organisation will have the following:

  • A hardcopy and CD containing the results of the Quantitative and Qualitative Audit
  • An Employment Equity Policy and Plan for the organisation which is aligned with the:
  • Constitution
  • Employment Equity Act
  • Skills Development Act
  • Preferential Procurement Act
  • Anti-Discrimination Act
  • A clear transformation path that the organisation needs to undertake
  • An opportunity for Line Managers to plan for appropriate strategies that talk to their business
  • A senior management statement of commitment on the Transformation Vision
  • An Employment Equity Task Team that is clear on their roles and responsibilities


The outcomes of the process include:

  • Employee renewed commitment to vision, mission and values of their company
  • Higher functioning teams and business units
  • Improved performance, productivity and efficiency
  • More identified opportunities to leverage transformation and diversity throughout the company
  • An organisation positioned to capitalise on new emerging markets
  • An environment supportive of Employment Equity
  • Competencies: Managing diverse employees fairly but efficiently
  • Effective communication across all racial, gender and other diversity markers
  • Knowledge of Legislation that governs transformation rooted in the South African constitution
  • Skilled management of globally diverse staff
  • A sense of belonging and ownership of the organisation by all employees
  • Legitimacy in the eyes of the public and other stakeholders
  • Improved relationships among employees within the organisation

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