Team Building

The objectives of building an effective team programme:
  • To enable the organisation to meet its vision, mission and objectives through engaged and motivated staff
  • To cultivate an environment that values diverse talents and interests by exploring better ways of   working together
  • To improve communication among team members
  • To identify underlying team dynamics that undermine team effectiveness
  • To enhance working relationships amongst employees for improved organisational performance
  • To equip team members with the knowledge, skills and attitude to be effective team players
Innovative tools and exercises
  • Crossing the line
  • Effective communication game
  • The gift exercise
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • How different are we?

Our programmes involve interactive learning, challenging the individual to become more effective by modifying his/her behaviour and attitudes in order to achieve certain goals and objectives. Experiential learning takes place when people engage in an activity, look back at the activity in a critical manner, abstract useful insights from the analysis and put the results to work.

Debriefing of each activity is the essential means of motivating insight and self-realisation and ensures the immediate application of learning.

Active involvement is fun and energises groups while providing the opportunity for accelerated learning of appropriate behaviours required for successful interpersonal relationships and teamwork.

A focus is also placed on:

  • Examining how team functioning can be improved
  • Changing stereotypical attitudes
  • Building respect and trust
  • Managing conflict
  • Mastering the tools for successful communication between diverse employees
  • Identifying organisational systems, policies and procedures requiring transformation


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