Nene Molefi

NeneNene Molefi is the Owner and Managing Director of Mandate Molefi Human Resources Consultants, a well-established company with a track record that spans over 14 years in the field of Change and Transformation.

Nene’s interest in the field of Change and Transformation began when she worked for South Africa’s biggest Electricity Corporation; Eskom for a period of 10 years. Eskom, being the trend setter in change processes provided Nene with an opportunity for great exposure both within SA and abroad. While at Eskom, her active involvement in the country debates on Change and Transformation led to her secondment to the Department of Labour to head the Human Resources Directorate. This was during the time when South Africa was developing legislation aimed at transforming the labour market. Nene was involved in the department during the development of South Africa’s Employment Equity Act which sought to establish equality within SA organisations.

She later took up the position of Executive Director: Transformation for the City of Cape Town where her role was to oversee the amalgamation and rationalisation of various municipalities into one and to ensure an inclusive culture for all.

Some of the large projects she has led through her consulting company include the development of a Change Imperative with SA Judiciary conducting workshops with all the Judges of the 9 provincial High Courts. She was also part of a 42 member global panel of experts ( co-ordinated from New York) which developed the Global Diversity Benchmarks – a practical and systemic tool for Diversity benchmarks in any organisations

Nene is also a trained Coach with the Coaches Training Institute and has also completed its Leadership Training in San Francisco, USA. She has also been trained by New Fields in Ontological Coaching. She has undergone training in process work & deep democracy as effective tools for social change by Arnold Mindell of the Process Work Institute in Oregon.

She has acquired experience with many international initiatives e.g. being contracted by the then National Department of Foreign Affairs to work with South African Embassies across the world.

Nene’s work has provided her with opportunities to travel extensively where she presented papers on Values Alignment, Change and Transformation, Diversity, HR in Boston USA, Vicenza Italy, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Miami,Florida.

Nene is also a guest speaker and associate lecturer for two of South Africa’s leading business schools and leadership institutions: Gordon Institute for Business Science (GIBS) & Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institution (TMALI).

Nene has also gained experience in corporate boards by being a non-executive director of companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. She also sits on the advisory board of the Auditor General of South Africa.

Nene is committed to Social Entrepreneurship and her community involvement includes being the Chairperson of Umthombo WeSiswe Children’s Organisation – an initiative aimed at instilling a sense of Dignity and Developing Ethical Leaders for SA. She is also a board member of the Community Aids Response (CARE).

Bongani Ndaba

bonganiBongani is an Associate Consultant/Facilitator for Mandate Molefi and has worked in the corporate environment for more than 12 years. His excellent facilitation skills have placed him in good stead in his career with Mandate Molefi where he continues to successfully facilitate our Diversity Management Programme, Change Management Interventions and Organisational Audits.

Before joining Mandate Molefi, Bongani worked as a Senior Consultant for more than 14 years. He was also one of the Ministerial Task Team members appointed to investigate racism in a North West school.

His exceptional skills in client liaison and effective communication put him in the best position to understand line managers’ needs and adapt his approach to meet the nuances of their business.

Bongani’s areas of expertise are: Diversity, Employment Equity and Change Management.

His multi lingualism provides him with an added advantage during facilitation.

Sharon Venn

sharonSharon is a Project Manager with over 5 years of experience in the field of Human Resources as well as 6 years experience in the Financial Services industry. Sharon has been extensively involved in a number of Mandate Molefi’s Employment Equity initiatives, conducting Focus Groups, analysing survey results and compiling Employment Equity policies and plans.

Sharon’s excellent analytical and research skills as well as her experience in business stand her in good stead in the development of sustainable strategic plans for the implementation of Employment Equity with a competitive advantage.

She holds a CAIB qualification with the Institute of Bankers and is currently completing her BA: Communication Science.

Bronson Hlatshwayo

bronsonBronson has been an Associate Consultant and Facilitator for Mandate Molefi since 2010. His coaching and facilitation skills have enabled him to make a valuable contribution in successfully facilitating Coaching Conversations, Organisational Audits, Diversity Management Programmes, Team Building and Customer Care Interventions offered by Mandate Molefi.

Before joining Mandate Molefi, Bronson spent 2 years in the insurance industry thereafter joining two international airlines in a career that span 13 years. Bronson brings a gift of adaptability to the Mandate Molefi Team, which gives him the advantage of consulting across generational gaps.

Bronson is a member of COMENSA and also a licensed Barret Values Centre Practitioner where he leads the Values Alignment Surveys and Individual Values Assessment and feedbacks.

He brings lightness and a sense of humour to the Mandate Molefi team.


Robyn Klepper

robinRobyn is an Associate Facilitator with over 10 years of experience in the field of Human Resources where she has consulted with many clients in both the public and private sector in South Africa.

She has been extensively involved in a number of Mandate Molefi’s Diversity Management Train-the-Trainer Programmes and Mentorship Programmes. She pragmatically combines her excellent training, process and Social Work skills to effectively manage fears, expectations and emotions of employees around Transformation, Diversity and Employment Equity issues currently impacting on the South African workplace

Glenda Kaplan

glendaGlenda is an Associate Consultant with Mandate Molefi and her relationship with the company spans over 14 years.

Over the years Glenda has acquired much experience in both the public and private sector in South Africa. Since 1994 she has participated in many Transformation initiatives as a member of the Mandate Molefi team, with special focus on Employment Equity and Diversity Management

Merafe Ramono

merafeMerafe is an Associate Facilitator for Mandate Molefi – he has more than 5 years experience in the field of Change and Transformation. His legal background is an added advantage to the challenges of the SA transformation agenda. Merafe is an experienced Facilitator on BBBEE, EE and Diversity. He is particularly well placed to facilitate teams of executives and senior management. His ability to integrate the social, legal and business imperatives for transformation, positions him well for complex change and large scale projects. Merafe has led projects on Community Dialogue and Social Change as part of BBBEE Stakeholder Engagement Processes required by the DTI.

Shameem Bhyat-Bhikoo

shameemShameem is an Associate Consultant and Facilitator for Mandate Molefi. She is a qualified Assessor who was a part-time Lecturer in the Dept. of Communication at Wits Tech. As a Consultant for Mandate Training, she has developed material and facilitated Business Writing and Communication Workshops. She is an outstanding Facilitator who engages her students through interactive techniques, and consistently receives excellent feedback.



Bongani Tshabalala

bongani TshabalalaBongani Tshabalala is a Mandate Molefi Associate Consultant and Facilitator whose mission in life is to assist people to make valuable connections with themselves and those around them. He is an Educationalist, Trainer, Facilitator and Life Coach. He has worked in the Education, Training and Development environment for 15 years.

During this time Bongani has worked as a Lecturer for 10 years; lecturing on Entrepreneurship and Business Management, Business Practice, Labour Relations, Personnel Management, Personnel Training, Economics and Personal Development among others. His skills include development of curriculum, programs and material as well as aligning them with clear and particular learning objectives. He is a qualified Assessor and Moderator. His experience in this industry includes 3 years at various management positions and levels.

Bongani has been facilitating Diversity and Inclusion trainings with special emphasis on Organisational Development from 2009 and has been involved in running Qualitative Surveys in this area at the same time. Having run workshops in over 15 organisations in both the private and public sector, he considers his experience as valuable and current. Other programs that he has trained and/or facilitated are Management during Change and Change Management, Presentation Skills, Building Teams and Personal Selling. Bongani’s involvement in programs in Life Coaching with special emphasis on the 5Rs (Responsibility, Resourcefulness, Reasonableness, Resilience and Reflection), he assists people refocus on what’s important and direct their lives to achieving their goals.

He possesses skills in Finance; Report Writing (numerical & alpha reports); Diversity Management; Presentation; Leadership; Negotiation; Marketing and Sales; Team Building; Communication and Public Relations; Manage during Change and Change Management; Monitoring and Evaluation; Managing Projects; Strategic Planning; Quality Assurance; Implementation/Management Planning; Preparation of Feedback Instruments; Monitoring and Implementation of Policies; Auditing of Processes and Procedures; Skills Audits; Gathering and Analysis of Feedback; Research; Proposal Compilation and Human Resource Management.

Charles Marriott

charlesCharles Marriott is an experienced Facilitator and Coach who has facilitated Diversity and Transformation work for the past 3 years. He also consults in a range of other People Development Skills, especially Conflict Management and Leadership. He has worked in a wide variety of contexts, from heavy industry, to banking, education and youth work.

Charles’ work is driven by a belief that quality relationships and quality communication are the two key ingredients for optimal performance, both at a personal and organisational level. His expertise is in supporting and challenging people to ask the right questions of themselves and their organisations in order to uncover new solutions to their challenges.

He is a Coach and runs a Youth Leadership Programme for Grade 11 students. Charles is one of the Senior Facilitators for Mandate Molefi’s various Diversity Interventions across South Africa.

Vuyelwa Motlali

vuyelwaVuyelwa has extensive experience in communications having worked as a journalist and in the communications field for most of her working life, where she was responsible for public relations, media liaisons, development of: communication strategies, newsletters and annual reports; as well as writing & editing articles and web administration.

Vuyelwa has also been a senior manager in Human Resources, responsible for people management, administration, resource management, management of organisation’s finances, budgeting and strategic planning. She is also highly experienced in learner material development and accreditation of material.

She is a good communicator at all levels and has experience in the development sector in both urban and rural environments. She is results driven, logical and methodical in her approach towards achieving tasks and objectives as well as personal goals.

She is a qualified CTT Consultant, Licensed with the Barretts Value Centre.


Tinus Keyser

tinusTinus Keyser is an Associate Facilitator with Mandate Molefi – he is a dedicated professional with over 24 years’ experience in the business, training and development field. Tinus studied psychology at UOFS and after a 12 year stint as Psychologist at Correctional Services and the Police Service ventured into the corporate environment as a Consultant. He is an exceptional Soft Skills Facilitator, Training Developer and Manager with special knowledge and experience in the training, consulting, management and soft skills environment.

Peter Bruton

peterPeter is an Executive Business Strategy and Performance Management Consultant for Mandate Molefi and a Founder Director of Power Learning Systems (Pty) Ltd. He is also the co-author of a successful Intrapreneurial Development Process, Strategy Formulation Process and Performance Measurement Tool. Peter  acts as a Personal Coach to leaders of SME businesses in diverse sectors of the economy. His primary focus is on Alignment of Organisational and Individual Strategy, Operational Planning and Performance Management processes.

Marianne Missio

marianneMarianne is a Leadership Development and HR Expert with more than 20 years experience.

She has acted as the Project Manager, Lead Consultant and Client Liaison on a variety of projects focusing on Strategy and Business Alignment. Marianne has extensive experience working with Government Agencies and Local Municipalities. She has also conducted Leadership Development Workshops.

Her main area of focus is on Quality Control and reporting through Organisational Design aligned to Strategy.

Juanene Frydman

juaneneJuanene is a Mandate Molefi Associate Coach and Facilitator. Her background is primarily centered in the corporate operations arena. For more than 15 years, she held senior positions in national and multinational concerns in such diversified fields as construction, hospitality and human intellect. Juanene’s role from 2004 has been that of an established one-on-one Coach and Group Facilitator in the realms of Self Leadership and Team Development. As a Coach and Facilitator, Juanene’s strengths are Leadership with Integrity, The Art of Listening and undoubtedly her passion to bring powerful personal change through the perspective of possibility. Juanene is a mentor at CIDA CITY CAMPUS, an educational institution which develops free thinkers and future leaders.

Juanene is an Accredited Coach having trained in a number of coaching methodologies including Results Coaching Systems (Australia) and The Coaches Training Institute (America) as well as Ontological Coaching (Newfield). Juanene is also accredited in both “Results” and “Co-active” methodologies and is a member of the International Coach Federation.

Bronwen Gericke

bronwenBronwen currently works as a Coach, Facilitator, Trainer and Industrial Psychologist in leading South African organizations as well as on certain key overseas assignments.

Bronwen holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology from the University of Johannesburg. In addition she has an Honors Degree in Clinical Psychology and a Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PDM) from the Wits Business School. Her master’s thesis examined the effectiveness of the MBA qualification in developing leaders in South Africa with a particular focus on emotional intelligence.

Bronwen has worked for 16 years consulting to numerous organisations as well as small to medium sized enterprises both within South Africa and abroad.

Having earned an extensive and successful reputation consulting to organisations on Psychometric Assessment, Team Development and Facilitation of Training Interventions that include Mastering Emotional Intelligence, Effective Thinking Skills, Effective Strategic Thinking Skills and Line Manager as Coach programmes, the natural transition was to move into the coaching space. Bronwen obtained certification as a Master Coach with the Behavioural Coaching Institute in London.

She is a member of the Health Professions’ Council of South Africa (HPCSA), the Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA) as well as the Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychologists of South Africa (SIOPSA).

She has successfully coached senior managers and executives moving through significant transitions in their careers in companies including Kimberly-Clark SA, Kraft Cadbury, Department of Public Enterprise (SA Government), Denel, Deutsche Bank, RMB, MTN, MultiChoice, Kellogg’s, Tetrapak, Tiger Brands as well as numerous private individuals and small business owners.

Jennie Tsekwa

Jennie Tsekwa 1MPhil in Diversity Studies (Sociology)

Jennie is an experienced researcher in the area of Diversity and Transformation.  She also focuses on organizational communication and teaching professional communication skills.  She is comfortable working in the public, private and NGO sector, with experience in the CSI and Higher Education sectors.

Jennie has strong writing, editing and presentation skills.  She is a creative thinker with research, analysis and interpersonal training skills.  Jenny is motivated and detail oriented with effective time management.

Jennie helped develop the curriculum for a pilot educational programme aimed at teaching children how to understand identity and diversity and how to thrive in a multi-cultural society.  Having lived in a number of countries around the world, Jenny has experienced many different cultures and world views.  These experiences help her in facilitating discussions around diversity and equity in a knowledgeable and authentic manner.

Neziswa Mdaka

Neziswa MdakaNeziswa is a Mandate Molefi Associate Coach and Facilitator. She has extensive Coaching and Facilitation experience in the areas of Organisation Development, Management and Leadership Development, Business & Life-Skills Coaching. She holds an Honors Degree in Social Sciences. She has certification in Project Management, Facilitation, Executive Coaching, Consulting and Process Work. During the 12 years of her experience she has worked extensively with government, private sector, donor organisations, NGOs and community based organizations locally and internationally.


Koketso Mosate

koketsoKoketso is a Project Coordinator for Mandate Molefi. Her responsibilities involve developing detailed project plans from inception to delivery, monitoring of projects. In addition, she presides over action learning sessions with consultants to ensure that Mandate Molefi continues to be a learning organisation. Koketso is currently busy with her studies in Human Resource Management at the University of South Africa.


 Lucky Mohanoe


Lucky is a Project Coordinator for Mandate Molefi. His responsibilities involve developing detailed project plans from inception to delivery, monitoring of projects. In addition, he presides over action learning sessions with consultants to ensure that Mandate Molefi continues to be a leading organisation. Lucky is currently busy with his studies in Business Administration at the University of South Africa.


 Neo Baloyi


Neo Baloyi is Finance Manager of Mandate Molefi Human Resource Consultant, she joined the company 01 June 2006. She is responsible for full bookkeeping to trial balance and she is also a Payroll Administrator. Neo has also worked for Lebone Litho Printers (Pty) Ltd as a Senior Bookkeeper and Ntumba Incorporation as a Bookkeeper. She has 12 years experience in the accounting field.

Neo holds a Diploma in Assistant Accountant from Boston Business College and she is currently doing her third year in BCOMPT in Accounting Science at the University of South Africa.

 Jenae Lawler


Jenae is the Personal Assistant to Nene Molefi, she has several years’ of experience in customer liaison and is currently studying a BA in Communication Science through the University of South Africa. Jenae also assists with the day to day administration within Mandate Molefi.


General office support team

Ephraim Mamabolo