Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarking

Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarking is a tool for helping organisations determine strategy and measure progress in managing diversity and fostering inclusion.

Benchmarking is the process of comparing your organisation to other organisations that are regarded as having successfully accomplished what your organisation wants to achieve.

The overall objective of the benchmarks is to help ensure that diversity and inclusion work is done at the highest quality level possible.

Benchmarks are usually described in language stated as an end result or outcome. They help people in organisations identify and describe high-quality results or aspirations. In a new field like diversity and inclusion, it is important to develop benchmarks since there can be a wide range in what people consider to be excellent work.

Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks

Download this book now: Global Diversity and Inclusion BenchmarksNene Molefi was the only South African in a 79 member expert panel across the world which developed the Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks. Diversity is an important aspect of culture change.  This tool is useful as an organisational development tool even if no diversity workshops are held.  It is an enabler for inclusive culture and each divisional head will be given a copy of the tool to use in their divisions as one of the building blocks of change.The Inclusion Benchmarks contain 13 categories split into 4 groups viz.
  • Foundation
    • Vision, Strategy and Business Case
    • Leadership and Accountability
    • Infrastructure and Implementation
  • Internal
    • Recruitment, Development and Advancement
    • Job Design, Classification and Compensation
    • Benefits, Work-Life and Flexibility
    • Education and Training
  • Bridging
    • Communication
    • Assessment, Measurement and Research
  • External
    • Community, Government Relations and Social Responsibility
    • Supplier Diversity
    • Products and Services Development
    • Marketing, Sales, Distribution and Customer Service


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