Diversity Workshops



Diversity Workshops and Take Home Tools

Objectives of the Diversity Management Workshops:
  • To cultivate respect and understanding between diverse groups throughout the organisation
(Managing Diversity on an interpersonal level)
  • To integrate diverse values into the culture, systems and policy of the organisation
(Managing Diversity on an organisational level)
  • To highlight the Business Imperative of managing diversity, underpinned by the need for every business to excel
(Managing Diversity at a customer level)
Outcomes of the Workshops:
  • Employee renewed commitment to vision, mission and values
  • Higher functioning teams and business units
  • Improved performance, productivity and efficiency
  • Capitalisation of diverse resources in the organisation
  • An organisation positioned to capitalise on new emerging markets
  • An environment supportive of Employment Equity
  • Competencies: Managing diverse employees fairly but efficiently
  • Effective communication across all racial, gender and other diversity markers
  • Knowledge of Legislation that governs Diversity rooted in the South African constitution
  • Skilled management of South African diverse staff
  • A sense of belonging and ownership of the organisation by all diverse employees
  • Legitimacy in the eyes of the public and other stakeholders
  • Improved relationships among employees within the organisation

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