Diversity & Inclusion School Game

As it becomes more imperative to embrace diversity in our schools, innovative tools are needed to capture the imagination of young people on this important subject.  Inability to embrace diversity is often central to the conflict, bullying and violence seen in schools. 

As our democracy matures, the school environment is becoming less homogenous, with certain schools in certain areas experiencing an exodus of one race group and others gaining an increased number of diverse learners. Even religious educational institutions are finding that children from a variety of religious backgrounds are entering the school because of reputation and seeking the best possible education.

The solutions for addressing diversity issues in school should be focused on building a values driven environment and should be non-threatening and fun.  For these reasons, the Diversity & Inclusion Game for Schools looks at the real issues facing young people today and uses a facilitated approach to ensure that discussions are meaningful and provide a safety net for free but respectful expression.

The product is a packaged board game, along the lines of Trivial Pursuit and can be played in teams. The areas covered are related to the variety of cultural and religious practices in South Africa, demographics and legislation impacting on children, health, wellbeing and careers.

The product is supported by Mandate Molefi through regular updates to the packs, a train-the-trainer option or facilitated sessions.

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