Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


The purpose of the module is to introduce a systemic approach to creating and embedding a culture of inclusion in an organization by acknowledging difference and equipping all to build better relationships between diverse employees within the organization


  • To expand your knowledge of the key concepts of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.
  • To equip you with tools to navigate and manage issues as they arise in the workplace, building a culture of inclusive leadership.
  • To provide a safe space for personal and group reflection and learning, by having conversations we haven’t had before or don’t usually have – and doing so courageously.
  • How to create safe spaces for critical conversations on inclusion-related issues, linked to race, gender, generational differences, sexual orientation, religious differences, etc.
  • A better understanding of the dimensions of difference.
  • Insights into the business imperative for inclusion
  • Practical tools for becoming inclusive in your immediate environment.
  • Systemic and stakeholder aspects of a culture of inclusion; and
  • More identified opportunities to leverage diversity throughout the company.
  • A sense of belonging and ownership of the organisation by all diverse employees.
  • Improved relationships among employees within the organisation.


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