Diversity Game (School Version)

Learn through play – an innovative approach to handling diversity issues (school version)
The school version of the Diversity Game is an innovative board game played with a minimum group of 20 and a maximum of 100 in one room, that takes about 2 hours to complete.
Teams compete to answer multiple-choice questions about the vast cultural, ethnic, linguistic and socio-economic diversity of the SA population, providing a unique opportunity to discuss sensitive issues in a relaxed environment.

Questions present typical diversity problems which arise in the workplace, challenging participants to explore how to deal with these issues most effectively without compromising efficiency and productivity.

The four categories are:

  • Jobs
  • Legislation
  • Society
  • Demographics

diversity game schoolThe game is highly interactive, competitive and fun with good learning.  The primary objective for using the Diversity Game is to sensitise and educate participants about the multiplicity of diversity issues impacting on the workplace and to provide them with a unique opportunity to learn about diversity.

A school may choose to purchase the version which is like a Monopoly board game.


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