Climate and Culture Surveys

In order to measure the perceptions of staff regarding the management of various areas of business, Mandate Molefi has developed auditing tools which have been used extensively by South African companies to measure the success or failure of Cultural Transformation; Culture/Climate of an organisation; Diversity and Service Delivery.

Mandate Molefi’s methodology is consultative in nature and based on the following core principles:
  • Joint ownership of the process between Mandate Molefi and the client
  • Self-administered Questionnaires to be made available in both electronic (for those with access to Internet) and hard copy format (if necessary)
  • Documentary review to match perceptions with facts
  • Communication of Mandate Molefi’s results to all employees without alteration of content
  • Upholding the principles of confidentiality at all times: questionnaires to go directly to Mandate Molefi for analysis
  • Facilitated sessions for lower level employees where necessary
  • Benchmark available with the 32 organisations that Mandate Molefi has conducted similar surveys with over the past 18 months
  • Results will be computerised and data will be subjected to rigorous statistical analysis:
  • Item analysis
  • Inter-correlation matrix
  • Identification of correlation between variables influencing perceptions (viz. section, department, race, gender, length of service, job level, language, age, etc.)
  • Average for each question as well as the distribution of scores on the 5-point Likert scale
  • Cronbach Alpha reliability index with standard error of measurement



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