National Diversity, Inclusion and Transformation Survey

1 in 4 employees who took part in the recent National Survey on Transformation, Diversity and Inclusion (2016) said their top leadership never or rarely took measures needed for organisational transformation. Only 21% of respondents said that their top leaders always took the necessary steps to achieve transformation.                The survey was conducted by [...]

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BOOK LAUNCH & SIGNING – Leadership: Perspectives from the Front Line

  Nene Molefi, owner and Managing Director of Mandate Molefi has written a chapter in the highly acclaimed leadership guide which offers a holistic overview of leadership, “Leadership: Perspective from the Frontline”. The book, published by Knowledge Resources is divided into 12 sections covering not only all aspects of leadership, with a comprehensive overview of [...]

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“We’ve Learned What Works:” Diversity Collegium Sponsors Inclusion Benchmarks

How does an organisation know if Diversity & Inclusion program will show results in today's sometimes contentious multicultural climate? Ninety-seven experts from organisations of all sizes, types, industries, sectors, and all locations have reached agreement on what makes success in Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks for Organisations Around the World (GDIB), and offer it at [...]

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Equity of Disabled People in the South African Workplace

The past month was National Disability Rights Awareness Month in South Africa. This culminated with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3rd. Today we take a look at how the South African workplace is faring in the drive to integrate disabled people into the workforce. The Department of Social Development is responsible [...]

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Diversity and inclusion in South Africa

Part 3: Diversity and inclusion in South Africa: What ‘inclusion’ could look like Building on the idea of oneness, South Africa offers a powerful African concept that supports a deeper understanding of inclusion. Ubuntu means “I am because you are.” It is a mind-set, a point of view, and a way of interacting with other [...]

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Diversity and inclusion in South Africa

Part 2: Diversity and inclusion in South Africa: Why is ‘inclusion’ missing? Following on from our first blog, which explored the difference between diversity and inclusion, we are interested in looking a bit more closely at some of the challenges preventing inclusive behaviour and attitudes in the workplace. In a recent article in the African [...]

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Diversity and inclusion in South Africa

Part 1: Diversity and inclusion in South Africa: Why introduce the concept of ‘inclusion’ – What is new? The field of diversity work has evolved significantly over time. Terminology has also changed.  Some talk about Diversity, Diversity Management, Diversity Awareness and now Diversity and Inclusion. What is New? Was Inclusion not implied in previous references [...]

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