Building Effective Teams

Mandate Molefi’s approach to Building Effective Teams is adaptive and participative as it is crucial for training and development programmes to be aligned to an organisation’s vision, mission, goals, objectives and values.  It is also equally important that such programmes are not perceived by staff members as being “once off” exercises.  Indeed their impact should be sustainable.

Thus, Mandate Molefi’s programme has the following features:

Customisation of exciting experiential learning programmes.

Facilitation by experienced process consultants.

Programmes based on sound experiential learning techniques with venues varying according to the requirements of the client.

Our programmes involve interactive learning, challenging the individual to become more effective by modifying his/her behaviour and attitudes in order to achieve certain goals and objectives. Experiential learning takes place when people engage in an activity, look back at the activity in a critical manner, abstract useful insights from the analysis and put the results to work.

Debriefing of each activity is the essential means of motivating insight and self-realisation and ensures the immediate application of learning.

Active involvement is fun and energises groups while providing the opportunity for accelerated learning of appropriate behaviours required for successful interpersonal relationships and teamwork.


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