Nene Molefi, owner and Managing Director of Mandate Molefi has written a chapter in the highly acclaimed leadership guide which offers a holistic overview of leadership, “Leadership: Perspective from the Frontline”.

The book, published by Knowledge Resources is divided into 12 sections covering not only all aspects of leadership, with a comprehensive overview of the latest leadership insights but also addresses the specific demands, challenges and requirements in different sectors, focusing on several common organisational burning issues, with Nene tackling “Diversity Leadership”.

In this extract Nene touches on managing diversity and the value of inclusion in the workplace.

“In South Africa, many corporates are faced with the complexity of holding as equally important the concepts of “shareholder value” versus “stakeholder expectations”. In my experience, there is always a question posed as to whether a leader can drive business results while at the same time managing diversity and ensuring inclusion. The question arises because many decision makers (= Boards and Executive Committees) still regard diversity and inclusion work as separate from the core business of the organisation. This separation implies that diversity and inclusion is a “nice to have”, while core business is the primary means through which leaders can demonstrate shareholder returns. This is not only a South African phenomenon. The surveys we have conducted have demonstrated that intangible, non-monetary benefits of diversity and inclusion cannot be overstated. Perceptions of unfair treatment, job dissatisfaction and unequal pay scales can lead to serious disruptions in operations which in turn affect productivity and delivery of service. What is often regarded as non-monetary risk can easily make the transition to hard numbers with regard to monetary loss.”

With 89 contributors, 56 chapters, 1000+ pages and featuring a foreword from Advocate Thuli Madonsela – Leadership: Perspectives on the Front Line addresses leadership from every possible angle.



Date:                  26 October 2016

Venue:              The Hyatt Regency Hotel, Rosebank | Johannesburg

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Date:                  2 November 2016

Venue:              University of Stellenbosch Business School, Bellville | Cape Town

Time:                 17h30 for 18h00 to 20h00

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(The book is currently available at Exclusive Books and CNA Airport Stores)